• Q-10


■ A/D and D/A conversion;

■ 3 inputs and 6 outputs, can be flexibly combined with a variety of crossover modes, high and low-pass crossover points are up to 20Hz ~ 20KHz;

■ Through the USB, WIFI, RS485, INTERNET Internet connection to the computer;

■ Directly use the panel function keys and pull the wheel to set the function or connect to the computer through the PC control software to control, are very convenient, intuitive and concise;

■ Stand-alone can store 30 kinds of user programs;

■ The panel control function can be locked with password through the SYSTEM button on the panel to prevent the parameters from being modified;

■ Each input and output have delay and phase control and mute settings, delay up to 1000ms, delay unit can choose milliseconds (ms), meters (m), feet (ft) three;

■ The output channel can also control the gain, pressure limit and select the input channel signal, and can copy all the parameters of a channel to another channel and can be linked to control;

■ USB interface or RS485 interface can be connected to the central control to control the matrix and channel mute

■ Can be sub-function lock, to achieve data confidentiality

■ Input channel adjustable noise gate

■ Can be connected to a computer via WIFI, and can be realized through the Internet remote control


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