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Stage sound tuning do not pay attention to these to eat big losses

The so-called tuning of stage sound is divided into two parts, one is mainly for the signal characteristics of various signal sources, adjust the feeling required by people, and control the timbre of the signal source through balanced adjustment to meet the requirements of individuals or programs. The second is the volume coordination between multiple voices to control the proportion. The first step of tuning is to control the signal level input by the signal source equipment to the mixer, and adjust each signal to about 0dB through the gain GAIN knob with the level meter, which is a very critical step and will directly affect the quality of the signal. The gain is too high, easy to distort, the gain is too low, the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced, this step is not well controlled, and the subsequent work has all become a castle in the air.

2023-08-10 14:33

Acoustic characteristics of stage sound reinforcement system

Acoustic characteristics must not only meet the requirements of the national standard for acoustic characteristic indicators, but also meet the requirements of subjective listening, because acoustic characteristics indicators cannot fully reflect the actual sound effect, and the quality of sound is determined by people's subjective listening feelings.

2023-08-10 14:34

What are the basic stage sound configurations

In the stage sound system and large stage lighting concert venue, a very important part of the human voice is the reverb processing. The human voice after reverb processing, can produce a kind of electronic acoustic beauty, so that the song has a special flavor. It can be some amateur singers voice in the existence of certain defects, such as hoarse, throaty and sharp noise of the vocal folds of the murmur after reverb processing to mask, so that the sound is not so difficult to hear. In addition, reverb can also make up for amateur singers due to the lack of specialized vocal training and produce the phenomenon of overtones in the structure of the tone is not rich. This is very important to the effect of stage lighting concerts held.

2023-08-10 14:34

Some common conference sound disturbances

The spread range of the sound emitted by people from themselves is very limited, especially in the conference hall or stadium of the Nordic University for meetings or speeches, the natural sound emitted by the human body is not satisfactory to the needs of large places, so this time to use conference sound, this sound has a very good amplification function.

2023-08-10 14:34

August 2020 Pazhou Professional Audio and Lighting Show

August 21, 2020, Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition in China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex A successfully launched.

2023-08-10 14:35

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