• KB-120A


■ This machine has a high-power output design, suitable for small karaoke rooms, broadcasting, e-learning and family projects supporting.         

■ The use of original imported paired high-power tube for output, strong power ■ The use of professional electromagnetic shielding toroidal transformer power supply.       

■ The use of professional digital reverb IC, microphone special stereo effect, the use of the latest technology karaoke Dolby noise reduction system.         

■ The machine is equipped with a perfect safety protection system, the use of the latest technology automatic fault detection function.                       

■ Enhanced temperature-controlled infinitely variable speed fan.                ■ Reverb chip, MP3 + Bluetooth function.           

■ Output power 8Ω: 100W + 100W ■ Input sensitivity: line input: ≤ 300mV; microphone input: ≤ 14mV                                   

■ Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 75dB ■ Total harmonic distortion <2% @ 1KHz 8Ω 1/3Rated Power                                   

■Frequency Response:20Hz~20KHz±1dB ■Crosstalk attenuation:≥40dB ■Rated Power: 220V~50Hz                   

AC Fuse: F8A DC Fuse: F10A×2 ■Net Weight: 5.8Kg Overall Dimension: 505x352x172


Keywords: audio equipment

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