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■ Full digital effects processor, music 7-band EQ, vocals have 11-band EQ adjustable, imported karaoke chip DSP karaoke digital processor , the

■ In the DSP technology developed a new generation of all-digital audio preamplifier, the exclusive customized 8-core enhanced DSP module, the sound quality is more delicate and rounded;

■ Full-channel equipped with parametric equalization / low cut / high cut / low shelf / high shelf tuning filter;

■ Graphical tuning interface, amplitude and frequency curves at a glance;

■ 255MHZ main frequency, 96K sampling frequency, bandwidth / 48-bit A/D and D / A conversion, channel distortion <0.01%;

■ With microphone, music parametric equalization and pressure limit and other functions;

■ echo, reverb each 5-band parametric equalization;

■ front speakers, rear speakers, center speakers, subwoofer each 3-band parametric equalization;

■ All outputs have crossover point delay function;

■ multi-channel microphone volume independent adjustment, divided into two groups of effects and equalization, can be adjusted independently or linked to adjust;

■ Professional driverless USB connection PC device management and control software, personalized settings, plug and play, easy and intuitive operation, user-friendly control, volume limitation, boot volume;

■ Multi-mode effect storage, quickly call different effects, professional digital frequency shifting function, analog input, switchable input or combination input;

■ Anti-current pulse impact switching. Intelligent foolproof operation, can realize the remote modification of parameters


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