• KT-99


■ Adjustable wireless enhancement reception ■ Lockable control function buttons ■ Blue LED static LCD display. ■ Anti-interference function designed for professional singing (multi-channel). The microprocessor-controlled automatic signal selection function automatically selects the stronger of the two antennas for signal input, compared to ordinary receivers without this function. ■ Higher signal acceptance, longer distance, no dead spots, and avoiding output cutoffs or noises. PLL dual-channel phase-locked loop design. UHF500 frequency PLL digital locking automatic signal selection function. ■ Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 740M Hz-790M Hz (selectable).
Frequency Oscillation Mode: PLL module locked loop design.
■ Total number of channels (Channels): 200 CH (optional)
■ Frequency response (Frequency Responses): 60Hz a 15KHz
■ Effective use range (Working Distance): 30M (depending on the site)
■ Power supply (Power Voltage): DC 12V

Keywords: audio equipment

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