• ST-200A


The anti-interference function is designed for professional singing (multi-channel). The microprocessor-controlled automatic signal selection function automatically selects the stronger of the two antennas for signal input, compared to general receivers without this function. ■ Higher signal acceptance, longer distance, no dead space, and avoiding output noise or breakage.

◆ UHF PLL circuit, with tone code and noise lock mute control, not only the reception distance is far, but also eliminates the lack of sound breakage and reception instability, and prevents the interference of radiated noise from jukeboxes, calculators and DVD drives.   
◆With the world's first I R automatic channel lock button, as long as a press, can immediately make the transmitter automatically and accurately lock the receiver's working channel, never produce errors and failures; ◆1U metal chassis with a built-in I R automatic channel lock button.  
◆ 1U metal chassis with built-in dual-channel receiver module, with solid, heat-resistant and isolation of harmonic radiation interference of professional quality; preset 150 groups of non-interfering frequencies, and lock the non-interfering working channel; ◆ This model is the most easy-to-use and easy-to-use receiver in the world.   
◆This model is the easiest to install, the most convenient to use, the strongest function, the most stable characteristics of the deluxe model, can be in a variety of complex professional singing environment, to obtain the most satisfactory results. 
Technical parameters:
Bandwidth: 50MHz
Frequency interval: 250KH
Carrier band: UHF620~950MHz
Number of channel groups: dual-channel
Chassis material: metal chassis
Chassis specification: EIA standard 1U
Scope of application: Karaoke room - small and medium-sized performances - conference room
RF Stability: ±0.005% (-10~50℃)
Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Number of switchable frequencies: 300 groups
Receiving mode: dual tuner automatic signal selection
Oscillation mode PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Carrier frequency UHF band (721.100MHz-820.600MHz)
Bandwidth 25MHz
Adjustable frequency 300 groups
FM mode Infrared frequency pairing
Output power 30rnW
RF Stability ±0.005% (-10~50℃)
Maximum offset ±70KHz
Pickup head moving coil type
Power supply 2 AA batteries
Battery Life Approx. 8 hours


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