• Q-11


■ Convenient power access and control, to meet the inductive load, inrush resistance; ■ High-current control relay output, standard EIA interface socket; ■ With universal socket auxiliary channel and standard USB interface lamps and lanterns auxiliary lighting configurations ■ Standby, running, all bypass, individual channel bypass full-featured; ■ The use of SMT, AI, ICT fully automated production and testing technology, to ensure standardized production and product Consistency:■ Conference rooms, background music systems, karaoke business field, volume karaoke, mid-range disco, low-grade disco, personal home entertainment system ■ Small and medium-sized venues fixed installations, high-level disco, slow-rock sound system in the need for time-sequenced power management of fixed installations. Input: power conditions: single-phase 3-wire, power line access port mode: single-phase two-knife power type air switch, connecting device: Dz47 C63 maximum connectable wire diameter (L.N/PE): 50mm2 Output: number of sequential channels: 8 channels Number of output channels: 8 channels Type of connecting device: American Standard standard sockets, non-timing output auxiliary channel: 1-bit universal type plugs


Keywords: audio equipment

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