• Double Ten Line Array: KLS-210+KLS-210B

Double Ten Line Array: KLS-210+KLS-210B

   KLS-210 main box adopts high-grade wood plywood; the surface of the box body adopts waterproof function of polyurea coating through a special process, waterproof coating on the surface of the speaker cone, the speaker as a whole has a waterproof function, this box is designed for medium and short-range sound reinforcement and need to have waterproof function of the occasions to use. The treble is made of imported titanium as the sound membrane, with neodymium magnet drive, making the sound clear and penetrating; steel mesh is processed by multi-layer spraying, effectively preventing rust; box hanging screws made of stainless steel material, which can be rainproof and rust-proof; aluminum alloy hanging combination, which is effective in waterproof and rust-proof; extremely simple and convenient hanging method, which makes the installation more convenient. Rated impedance: 8 ohms

   The performance of the whole line array system is more perfect after matching with KLS-208B. The whole set of line array treble, bass between the frequency band performance is more reasonable, the system transmission distance is farther, the frequency band is wider. Cabinet front width and full-range speakers with the same, with: small size, compact structure, light weight features, plug installation is very convenient, is the KLS-208 line array full-range speakers with optional subwoofer. Especially suitable for outdoor mobile performance of low-frequency complementary use.
  Woofers choose high-efficiency 100-core 220 magnetic high-performance 18-inch cone bass, specially designed cabinet structure, thickened and special treatment of the bass paper cone, making the low-frequency performance more powerful sense.
Double Ten Line Array is divided into ordinary version (non-waterproof series) and high-grade version (waterproof series).


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