• Double six-line array: KLS-206+KLS-206B

Double six-line array: KLS-206+KLS-206B

KLS-206 is a compact, high sound pressure, with excellent directivity of the two-way linear array loudspeaker system; cabinet surface with waterproof function of the polyurea coating through a special process, the surface of the speaker cone with waterproof coating, the speaker overall has a waterproof function, this box is designed for the medium and short-range sound reinforcement and need to have a waterproof function of the occasions to use. The compact and lightweight cabinet can be quickly installed and matched to provide maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications, from small to medium-sized mobile performances to fixed installations.
KLS-206 consists of two 6-inch neodymium low-frequency units, a 34-core neodymium tweeter driver speaker. The overall sound performance is: clear and clean mid-high frequency, strong penetration; low-frequency thick and powerful, delicate listening, dynamic margin is sufficient; the selection of specific tweeter horn, 8.5 ° vertical coverage angle, so that each line array speaker does not interfere with each other, but also to achieve the effect of long-distance transmission.
   Woofers use 100 core 220 magnetic special unit, making the lower limit of low-frequency deeper, lighter weight, the system adopts a 3-point lifting installation, solid and safe after installation.

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