• Single Ten Line Array: KLS-110+KLS-110B

Single Ten Line Array: KLS-110+KLS-110B

KLS-110 adopts dual 75-core neodymium magnet high-frequency driver compression unit, low-frequency using 10-inch 65-core voice coil 156 magnetic unit. Simple and flexible aluminum alloy hanging design, that reduces the weight of the product, but also easy to transport and lifting; the cabinet is made of sturdy birch plywood, the surface of the waterproof function of the polyurea coating by a special process, the surface of the speaker cone with waterproof coating, the speaker overall waterproof function, the box is designed for the use of near and intermediate range sound reinforcement and need to have a waterproof function of the occasions to use, and at the same time, a layer of steel mesh covered by a layer of waterproof function, replaceable acoustic transducer mesh. The steel mesh is covered with a replaceable acoustic permeable mesh. Maximize the integrity of the acoustic design and mechanical mechanism.
KLS-110 innovative design technology; set and unit design and frequency phase correction and other aspects of experience, all units are carefully designed to ensure that the equipment to play the best sound effect.
Built-in crossover in the computer tuning under the precise difference between the crossover point, while the high-frequency increase in overload attenuation protection, the use of the process to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
The system can be hung vertically fixed installation, can also be placed on the table to support the use of the position, the bottom of each speaker with bracket jacks, available support rods will be full-frequency and sub-low-frequency support for the combination of use. Flexible combination of ways to minimize the user's capital investment, can be freely adjusted to cover the angle, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.
Matching with KLS-110B makes the visual effect of the whole line array system more coordinated and perfect. Its width is the same as the full-range box, small size, compact structure, light weight, plug and play installation is very convenient, can provide the system with a wider range of low-frequency response. The cabinet is made of sturdy birch plywood, the surface of which is treated with waterproof polyurea coating through a special process, and the surface of the speaker cone is coated with waterproof coating, so that the speaker has waterproof function as a whole, which is designed to be used for medium and short-range sound reinforcement and occasions that require waterproof function.
The system can also be combined with full-range speakers to be placed at the stage entrance for the main sound reinforcement.
Each speaker is equipped with a bracket jack at the bottom, which can be used to support the full-range with support rods.

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