• 12-channel grouping mixer

12-channel grouping mixer

Product features: ■ 12-way mono input; ■ MIX main output + 2 SUB group output; ■ The whole circuit board using SMT chip technology, so that the performance is stable and reliable; ■ Japan's original ALPS 100mm high-precision attenuator fader;

■ Each way with insert function, can be flexible access to different processing equipment; ■ Special design of the LOWCUT function, can be independently excised each way below 80Hz frequency, used to enhance voice clarity; ■ condenser microphone can be provided with a real professional +48V phantom power;

■ Precision 3-band EQ, easy to correct fine-tuning of each channel sound; ■ Built-in Echo effects with 16 kinds of DSP high-precision digital effects; ■ Wide-voltage design 90V ~ 240V/50Hz/60Hz can be used normally; ■ Kodak KY-12FX mixer for the multifunctional halls, conference halls, auditoriums, hotels, discos, public broadcasting, radio stations, and other places of the sound system Provides a high-quality sound frequency control, for the entire sound reinforcement system to provide a good guarantee.                                                                                                                                Technical parameters: Maximum level: +22dBu All Other inputs +22dBu Main Mix TRS out and XLR out +28dBu All other outputs +22dBu                   

Total harmonic distortion(THD) (1 kHz 35dB gain,20Hz-20kHz bandwidth) Mic in to insert out ﹤0.005%                 

Noise: -86 dBu Signal to Noise Ratio Channel Line and Mic in 82db                   

Effect/Aux Output 80db Stereo Output 82db Equivalent input noise(EIN)150 ohm termination: -129.5dBu 20Hz-20kHz   

Attenuation(Crosstalk) Channel Mute switch engaged: -82 dBu Channel Gain knob down: -82 dBu               

Frequency response:20Hz-40Khz +0dB/-1dB 20Hz-60Khz +0dB/-3dB             

Common Mode Rejection Ratio = CMRR Microphone Input to Transmitter Output, Maximum Gain Limit. 1kHz better than -70dB Impedance Mic Input: 2.5kOhm Channel Insert Return: 2.5kOhm All other inputs: 10kOhm or greater Tape Output: 1.1kilohms Equalization EQ High Shelving : ±15db@12kHzAll other outputs: 120 Ohms


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