• Double Eight Line Array: KLS-208+KLS-208B

Double Eight Line Array: KLS-208+KLS-208B

KLS-208 is a small and medium-sized, high-precision linear array loudspeaker system, it has a small size and light weight, but with a large sound pressure level; choose a pair of high-performance 150W 8 "neodymium magnet woofer, constituting a dynamic margin of a great full-range

A pair of high-performance 150W 8" neodymium woofer is chosen to form a full-range combination with great dynamic margin, providing extremely high sound pressure with small size and lightest weight. A 44-core neodymium compression driver is used for the high frequency section, producing a consistent sonic matrix array through a horizontal 90° constant directional horn.  

 With the KLS-208B, the performance of the entire line array system is even more perfect. The whole set of line array treble, bass between the frequency band performance is more reasonable, the system transmission distance is farther, the frequency band is wider. Cabinet front width and full-range speakers with the same, with: small size, compact structure, light weight features, plug installation is very convenient, is the KLS-208 line array full-range speakers with optional subwoofer. Especially suitable for outdoor mobile performance of low-frequency complementary use.

  Woofers choose high-efficiency 100-core 220 magnetic high-performance 18-inch cone bass, specially designed cabinet structure, thickened and special treatment of the bass paper cone, making the low-frequency performance more powerful.


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