• Wireless handheld microphone

Wireless handheld microphone

Left and right channel each 60 groups of channels
Infrared frequency pairing technology
Receiving sensitivity continuously adjustable within a certain range (-70dbm to -98dbm)
Dynamic range
Transmitter: Handheld transmitter / Lavalier transmitter Transmitter antenna: Built-in microstrip antenna / external antenna receiver
Frequency range: 730-790MHZ 

Dual-channel receiver, using UHF band, PLL digital frequency

Receiver with transmitter battery consumption display, hand microphone universal

Transmitter LCD display channel and battery power, battery low voltage flashes to 1.8V automatic shutdown

With advanced digital ID frequency guide function, completely eliminate interference and frequency tampering phenomenon.

Maximum distance of 100 meters, suitable for large and small stages, conference halls, etc.


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