• KD-215UD


KD-215UD speakers are made of 18mm thickness high-quality plywood, selected exclusive research and development of high-quality tweeter and woofer units, the cabinet is sprayed with the latest spraying technology of high-strength wear-resistant lacquer; by the Kodak electro-acoustic engineers carefully tuned to make the series of speakers to achieve the optimal balance of the audio output. The series of speakers with high sensitivity, outstanding tone, wide range, clear levels, high-frequency delicate and transparent, penetrating force, low-frequency full and powerful. Side back panel is equipped with 2 wheels, easy to move.          

2x15-inch professional stage full-range speakers 

Rated power: 800W

Impedance: 4Ω

Frequency bandwidth: 36 hz - 22khz

Sound Pressure Level: 128dB SPL

18 birch plywood, high hardness black glossy lacquer

Tweeter: Directivity V × H: 90 ° × 50 ° DE82-8 75-core, original customized driver unit

Using low-frequency unit components, ф190mm magnet, 75mm core aluminum flat wire voice coil, ultra-high temperature resistance, to ensure that the driver is stable and reliable

Dimensions (WxDxH): 498 x 480 x 1186 mm   

Weight: 48KG


Keywords: audio equipment

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