• KD-18SUB


KD-18SUB uses a new composite unit material and driver structure, with high output and low distortion characteristics. Low-frequency unit using polymer polymers and plant fibers composed of a specific formula, and with a special damping adhesive polymerization, low-frequency elasticity, to fully meet the needs of a variety of occasions of the music of the large dynamic.        

18-inch professional stage subwoofer

Rated power: 700W

Impedance: 8Ω

Bandwidth: 28hz ~ 500khz

Sound pressure level: 132dB SPL

18 birch plywood, high hardness black glossy paint

Low-frequency unit components, ф220mm magnet, 100mm core copper flat wire voice coil, ultra-high temperature resistance, to ensure that the driver is stable and reliable

Size: W543XH560XD780mm

Weight: 40kg


Keywords: audio equipment

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