• KD-12U


The outer layer is made of artificial wood board, which is waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, and scratch resistant
19 inches 16U (upper 4U + lower 12U)
Double-layer design, thickness: 48mm
Moisture-proof EVA shock-absorbing material in the middle
3 doors in the box
Inside the box there is a partition layer, separated from the mixer, reduce electromagnetic interference
Shockproof and moisture-proof shock absorbing materials are attached inside the box.
Aviation case with 2U iron one-piece slide drawer, with lock, convenient to place microphone and disk and other items
The corners of the case are wrapped with 1.2mm aluminum alloy profiles, sturdy and wear-resistant.
8 quick release butterfly buttons on front and back to securely lock the lid and body.
4 solid chrome-plated handles on both sides of the case
The bottom of the case has four 3-inch silent bearing wheels (two of them with brake positioning locks) to facilitate the handling and performance of the fixed.

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