• ST-200


Frequency Response: 50HZ-16KHZ                             

Frequency range: UHF610-690MHZ                        

Frequency Stability:±0.01%                          

Maximum offset: ±45KHZ                          

Harmonic radiation:≤-63dbm                             

Signal-to-noise ratio:≧105db                        

Dynamic Range:>100db                             

Head: Capacitor / Moving Coil Type                     


Power Supply: DC9V

Blue LCD static liquid crystal display

Anti-jamming function designed for professional singing (multi-channel) design use

Microprocessor-controlled automatic signal selection function, can automatically select the stronger of the two antenna signal input.

Higher signal acceptance, longer distance, effectively avoiding output signal breakage.

Power consumption: 2W

Host and microphone with LCD display, microphone with high (outdoor performance) low transmit power switch, can be adjusted according to the use of the environment.


Keywords: audio equipment

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