• KD-6KA


1. Impedance: 8 Ω
2. Frequency response: 70Hz~20KHz
3. Rated power: 120W
4. Sensitivity: 95dB/W/M
5. Coverage angle: (H) 120 ° (V) 60 °
6. High pitched: 3 "cone shaped high pitched unit × two
7. Bass: 6.5 "Bass × one
With the progress of society, people yearn for a more colorful life. Song and dance, as a form of entertainment that has been passed down for thousands of years, have deeply penetrated the lives of people of all ethnic groups. However, with the development and progress of technology, people's demands for the form and venue of singing and dancing performances are increasing and higher. The sound system is constantly improving and improving with people's needs. From meeting the live sound reinforcement needs of tens of thousands of people at concerts to meeting the needs of individual families playing instruments and karaoke.


Keywords: audio equipment

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