• KD-10KA
  • KD-10KA


Speaker characteristics: The bass unit is made of high-quality components to ensure quality; The entire series of tweeters are equipped with high-temperature protectors, allowing the tweeters to withstand variable signal impacts; Optimize the design of the box structure to achieve lightweight and good rigidity; This series of speakers have undergone computer simulation tuning to achieve good frequency response characteristics; The sound quality is harmonious and smooth, the low-frequency is full and powerful, and the mid to high frequency is soft and clear. 
System type: Dual frequency full frequency professional speaker 1x10 "+1x1"
Rated power: 200W Peak power: 400W Impedance: 8 Ω
Frequency response: 50-18KHZ Sensitivity: 95db (1M/1W)


Keywords: audio equipment

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