• KH-500B
  • KH-500B


The B-series amplifier combines Kodak's dedication to professional amplifier business and unique exterior design, presenting you with a brand new product.
The B series has a complete range of power levels, from small to high-power products that use better exhaust and heat dissipation. It has complete functions, complete interfaces, and intuitive operation.
In terms of design, SMD chip devices are more commonly used, and the process of mechanical chip mounting is adopted, which is reliable, stable, and durable.
The B-series power amplifier is specially designed with paired power tubes with excellent performance, making the dynamic response and sound performance of the entire machine even better.
Adopting a dedicated audio ring transformer, this series of amplifiers provides power reserves that exceed twice the rated power, thus having excellent overload capacity. 
Rated power 8 ohms: 350W * 2
Rated power 4 ohms: 560W * 2
Rated power bridging 8 Ω 950W
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz, f0, -0.5dB. at 1W ant
Harmonic distortion<0.022% 15Hz-20KHz
Rising rate>35V/ms
Damping coefficient>420
Voltage gain: 37.8dB
Sensitivity: rated load 0.775V/1.0V/1.4V adjustable
Input impedance: 20K balanced input 10K unbalanced input
Signal to noise ratio: 102dB
Protection circuit: DC protection, ultra-high frequency protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, power on/off protection, temperature protection
External dimensions: 483 * 366 * 89mm
Gross weight: 17.5kg
Net weight: 15kg

Keywords: audio equipment

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