• pedestal fan
  • pedestal fan
  • pedestal fan
  • pedestal fan

pedestal fan

Floor mounted fan, adjustable in height, 32CM retractable, 3-speed adjustable, S-shaped fan blades, directional flow, shaking head left and right. Five leaves with high air volume, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing experience.
The main characteristics of floor fans are high air volume and low noise. In hot summer, indoor ventilation, heatstroke prevention and cooling, and environmental improvement are effective. Floor fans can be used smoothly on the ground with safety features.
Floor fans can be widely used in warehouses, workshops, restaurants, homes and other places in industrial and mining enterprises. The main component of a floor fan is an AC motor, which means the motor is the heart of the floor fan. The working principle of a floor fan and an electric fan is the same: the energized coil rotates under force in a magnetic field. The form of energy conversion is: electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy, and due to the resistance of the coil, it is inevitable that a portion of electrical energy needs to be converted into thermal energy


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