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How to construct professional engineering speaker manufacturers?

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How to construct professional engineering speaker manufacturers?

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The speaker is a strange presence and is used in many places. However, there is not much that can be understood by professional engineering speaker manufacturers, because few people can understand them when they are not used, and the construction technology is even more foggy. So today we are going to understand this problem and let more friends know how professional engineering speaker manufacturers are working.
1. Pre-buried pipelines and hangers (clear analysis of their orientation)
The introduction of high-quality professional engineering speaker manufacturers, the pre-buried of pipelines and hanging parts generally needs to start immediately after the project is finalized. The pre-buried pipelines are mainly in the stage without construction, or the ground and wall without decoration. If it is not buried in time, it will easily affect the progress of the decoration project. Before the pre-buried, we must carefully analyze the design, clarify the quantity, location, power supply and control methods of the equipment, and on this basis, propose the exact number, diameter and direction of the pipeline.
2. Welding and installation of various scaffoldings (additional protective measures are required)
This work should be carried out as much as possible with the decoration project. In the construction, it is inevitable that the existing decorations will be damaged. The professional engineering speaker manufacturers must pay attention to the fire prevention. The safety of the installation is also very important. When there are sufficient construction technicians, In order to start lifting, all the mounting parts must be provided with reliable protection measures, so that the installation is safe.
3, the laying of various cables (need to be marked)
Professional engineering speaker manufacturers generally need to find the way to lay the cable channel during construction. The brand professional professional engineering speaker manufacturer introduces, for example, the steel wire and the cable to be worn should be bundled firmly when the pipe is worn; the cable damage or confusion is omitted. Trouble; carefully check the cable during laying, whether there is any problem such as broken core wire; be sure to mark the cable on the laying cable for installation and future maintenance.
4, the installation and construction of various follow-up equipment (must be tested for more than 3 times)
Install the equipment after the decoration is completed and the cables are laid correctly. The installation of the equipment should be careful not to throw it away when unpacking. Professional engineering speaker manufacturers will carefully read the product manual before installation and installation to master the correct installation methods and steps. The last is the inspection of the installation, power supply lines, connection conditions, professional engineering speaker manufacturers, because the entire system of sound engineering involves more connection points and connectors, there may be errors due to individual reasons during installation, so meticulous The inspection is necessary.
We can understand the main points of the construction of professional engineering speaker manufacturers from the above 5 steps. It is very difficult for ordinary people to get to the hands of professionals, but the most important thing in the construction process is safety, especially For speaker technology engineering in crowded commercial spaces, more attention should be paid to safety details.