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How to maintain a multi-function professional speaker?

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How to maintain a multi-function professional speaker?

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High-quality multi-functional professional speakers can add a lot of color to our life. In order to make the multi-functional professional speakers provide good sound quality for our lives for a long time, we must also fully implement the maintenance work. Today, I will tell you how to maintain a multi-functional professional speaker.
First, packaging and storage
Multi-functional professional speakers are usually placed in a public environment and used by the public. People are surrounded by people around it. When we don't use it, we must use it in a bag or a special one. Packaging equipment is packaged so that it is not easily soiled by external materials or product damage, and if it is a portable multi-function professional speaker, it is best to save it to no In a person's indoor environment, it is also a good choice if you take it out and install it when you need it.
Second, regular maintenance
As with other devices, multi-function professional speakers also need to be regularly maintained after a period of use, especially for the maintenance of various internal parts, and the use of various small objects inside the multi-function professional speaker. It is often that we can't see it from the outside, so after a while we should focus on the internal equipment. The internal device that needs to be turned on is cleaned and lubricated with special oil products, only to keep it. Internal lubrication provides the best sound quality, while also allowing the life of multi-function professional speakers to grow to better serve us.
The above is the two aspects of multi-functional professional speaker maintenance. In addition, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of it, and we must not let people touch it at will, because it is popular among the multi-functional professional speakers that are popular among customers. Many small devices, once we touch its professional organization, require professional technicians to carry out all-round maintenance.